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gilras grk-7000 autorefractor keratometer

Gilras GRK-7000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Rating: 4/5
USD 4,200.00


Gilras GRK-7000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Auto Ref/Keratometer GRK-7000 is the equipment to provide the information of Spherical, Cylindrical and Axis while measuring the refraction of examinee’s eyes.Auto Ref/Keratometer GRK-7000 is the equipment that can measure the corneal curvature of examinee. In addition, it can measure PD (=distance in between pupils) and pupil size.CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curve) measurement is also a basic function of this product.

- Accurate & Reliable Measurements
- Optimal Optical System
- Keratometery Measurement
- Auto Start
- More Advanced Functions
- Wider Measurement Range
- CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curvature)
- PD (Pupilarry Distance)     ? VD (Vertex Distance)
- Pupil and Iris Size Measurement
- Well-Designed Ergonomics
- Focusing Indicator
- Convenient One-Touch Lock
- High Speed Printer
- Automatic Power-OFF
- Realization of a Total Refraction System

- 1 unit Power Cable(AC 220V / 60Hz Power plug or other)
- 1 unit Model Eye (Sph –2.25D~-2.75D)
- 1 bundle Chin R est Paper(100 sheets)
- 1 rolls Printer Paper
- 1 piece Dust Cloth
- 2 units Fuse