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nidek ark-1s automatic refractor keratometer

Nidek ARK-1S Automatic Refractor Keratometer

Rating: 5/5
USD 3,570.00


Nidek ARK-1S Automatic Refracto-Keratometer


  • Accurate refraction measurement
  • Large pupil zone imaging method
    The large pupil zone imaging method enables the measurement of wide area refraction of up  to 6 mm diameter and can indicate the difference between wide area refraction and the central area refraction of up to 3.5 mm diameter.
  • SLD and highly sensitive CCD
    The system combining the Super Luminescent Diode (SLD) and highly sensitive CCD significantly improves measurement capability even in dense cataractous eyes.

  • Optimal fogging to minimize accommodation (available for the ARK-1s and ARK-1a)
    The Fogging allows the patient to view the target clearly and minimizes the interference with accommodation even in high astigmatism.
  • VA measurement with glare test (available for the ARK-1s)
  • The ARK-1s provides visual acuity (VA) measurement. A glare source is projected beside the chart and the glare VA can be measured.
  • Simple opacity assessment with retroillumination image (available for the ARK-1s and ARK-1a)
  • The retro illumination image enables the observation of opacity of the optical media of the eye.
  • Patient-friendly accommodation measurement (available for the ARK-1s and ARK-1a)
  • Objective measurement of accommodation is performed with patient's focusing on a target which moves from distance to near.
  • Keratometry measurement with mire ring
  • The mire ring is used to measure keratometry. It reduces eyelid artifacts.